MC111 UiTM : Overview

An intro about MC111 UiTM


So what is MC111? It’s a code name for a course in Masscomm. For you guys out there who are interested in GAMING, ANIMATION, GRAPHIC DESIGN and WEB DEVELOPMENT this is the perfect course for you!

MC111 stands for MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship (MC111 Diploma Komunikasi Media Baharu dan Keusahawanan Kandungan UiTM), a course by the Masscomm faculty in UiTM Alor Gajah. Quite a lengthy name right?

It’s like an all in one course. You get to learn how to make your own games, animate your own cartoon, develop your own website and designing! All in all there’s also another subject which involves calculation which is the ENTREPRENEURSHIP subject where you get to learn to do business.

Lets just say that you get to learn new and interesting things, develop your own game, animation and web designs while having the knowledge to actually market your work yourself! Cool isn’t it?

Here you go, the overview of the Masscomm MC111 UiTM course:

MC111 Course
(Information are from UiTM Masscomm)

As you can see in the above list, it’s a whole lot of computer related subjects which brings to the fact that you’ll have to be prepared to sit in front of the laptop doing assignments all day long especially when there’s final projects.

That’s right! There are important Final Projects for you to do for your final marks, but hey on the bright side, most of the subjects doesn’t have any final exams. Lucky you.

Anyway, for the last semester of this course, there will be an internship where all students must do. It is a period of time where you will be working in the industry that choose for 3 months or 14 weeks and your work will be monitored. This is a stage where you will be trained for the industry. How exciting!

So come and join us if you’re interested!

Truthfully, I never really intended on choosing this course like literally. My head was always so focused on the art and design faculty but here I am attending this course.

Just think to yourself for a moment what is it that you love to do and what is it that you hope to learn when you take that course. If you don’t love what you learn, it’s going to be hard to cope with your studies.

Some people say that this course is hard but when you think about it, learning about new things is difficult. I love what I learn from this course which makes it easier for me to stay focused and score. So choose what you love and not what’s easy to learn.

Visit this page once you’ve decided to join us: MC111 UiTM : Starter Pack

Wanna know how my Masscomm UiTM interview went? Read up on MC111 UiTM : Interview for UiTM Masscomm MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship.

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8 thoughts on “MC111 UiTM : Overview

  1. I’m so glad I found your post before I decided to aim for this course! I’ll be officially starting this December 2017. I’m from Sarawak and it feels so scary to go to another state. Thank you for making this blog about MC111! I might make my own blog in the future. 😀


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