Travels : DARC Denai Alam Horse Riding Experience 

Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club


I’ve started horse riding in the early year of 2015. Initially I discovered this place, Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club while searching for an archery lesson nearby and they had one. At first, I took archery lessons for about 2 months but then I shifted into learning horse riding there as all of my family members signed up for it.

Truthfully, I was really  terrified of horses. I won’t even come near it but there was once when my father forced me into riding one at the Joy Ride section and let me tell you I didn’t move an inch while I was on the horse. 

To my father’s surprise, I told him that I’m willing to learn horse riding when in truth, I’m scared. Anyhow, let me tell you about the lessons.

My father, patting the horse.

There are 4 stages in learning horse riding:

  1. Trot
  2. Canter
  3. Gallop
  4. Pace

If you’re new to this, don’t worry they’ll teach you from the very start. Riders will be taught how to establish balance and rhythm, how to mount and dismount, how to hold the reins, walk, trot, canter and many more. Even though there are 4 stages but the club only offers classes for trot and canter.

DARC horse stables

It’s better to be a member if you are serious in wanting to learn there. The DARC MEMBERSHIP – RM180.00 per Family per Year with benefits and discounts. Currently horse riding lessons costs RM210 for 6 sessions for weekday, RM240 for 6 sessions for weekend, which considered one one the lowest price in the business.

For the horse riding equipment, you can either buy it at the club (limited choice) or at Equine Kuala Lumpur where I usually go. Equin Kuala Lumpur offers a wide range of choices of equipment from riding helmets to saddles they have it all.

Even if you’re not into learning how to horse ride, you could always go for the Joy Ride where the staff will walk the horse while you are riding it. So, there’s no reason for you to not come here. You could bring the whole family here and meet the horses at the stables.

So why don’t YOU join us here at the club?
Contact DARC now!

No 1, Jalan Elektron U16/100,

Seksyen 16, Denai Alam

40160 Shah Alam

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +6010 240 2606

GPS Code: 3.153028,101.520538

Operation Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 8am – 11pm , Monday closed

(Credits to for the picture for my  header image)

Some of the pictures of me and my family at Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club:

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