Travels : London, England Guide

a sneak peak through London


Recently I’ve been on a trip to London. It was a great trip. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time. Now I’m going to share a bit about my trip there and know hows on how to get around London .

Before I went there, I did a little research on the places of interest and maps and there are really useful ones that you’ll definitely need. Here’s a list:

  1. Visit London (A website that explains all things London)
  2. Citymapper London App (Provides route options, disruptions, offline maps, prices, taxi fares)
  3. Tube Map London Underground (recommends what tube routes to take)
  4. London Tube And More App (London’s tube map with gps, tells you exactly what train to take-available in Apple App Store)
  5. Uber App (the app that you’ll need when you need to call a cab-a credit card is needed)

There’s other useful apps too.

Basic needs for travelers in London:

  1. Oyster Card – for Visitors img_8152(Used for getting into London Underground, busses and other public transports; it must be added money)-Credits to Visit London
  2. Local SIM card (useful when you need to Google something or contact someone in London, it cuts cost)

The places of interest that I went there:

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. Coca-Cola London Eye (tickets)
  3. Big Ben
  4. Tower Bridge (tickets)
  5. Tower of London (tickets)
  6. Madame Tussauds (tickets)
  7. Hyde Park (Winter Wonderland in November )

Definitely, then you’re in London you’ll want to go shopping. Here’s where I went:

  1. Bond Street (a street where all the luxury brands’ stores are located)
  2. Westfield London (offers over more than 275 luxury stores)

When you’re in London, you definitely don’t have to worry about getting free WiFi. It’s everywhere. Almost every store has one, no password needed and there’s never a moment when your YouTube video buffers!

The people there are really friendly. When you look puzzled at the London Underground, the officials are there to help. Have a question? Just ask they’ll try their best to help you.

After my trip to London, I took a train to Paris for a short trip. I’ll share with you about my trip in my next post.

(Credits to DreamsTime for Header Image)

Some pictures from my trip in London:

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