MC111 UiTM : Ending up in Masscomm UiTM MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship

Now let me tell you how I ended up pursuing my studies in MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship (MC111 Diploma Komunikasi Media Baharu dan Keusahawanan Kandungan UiTM Lendu). At first, I actually wanted to apply for a diploma in Graphic Design because when I was in Form 4 I entered the F1 in Schools Malaysia competition just like what I posted in my last post PERSONAL: My Highest Achievement in F1 in Schools Malaysia and my team won 2nd place for Nationals and I was the Graphic Designer of my team. So as I’ve acquired all the knowledge on graphic design, I felt more passionate and interested in it  (using softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Prezi). As before this, I’ve been actively passionate in designing and art itself. I even took the Art subject as an extra subject for my SPM. Clearly, I’ve set my mind into taking the Graphic Design course.
So before I made my final decision, I decided to go to the Selangkah ke UiTM to find out more about the course and survey other courses as well. So yeah, I went there but then I found out that there’s this course in Masscommm that offers the Graphic Design subject which is MC111 – Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship (read my post about MC111 UiTM : Overview). The subjects that they offered seemed to be quite interesting as there’s so much to learn like animation, graphic design, gaming, website development and entrepreneurship (yes, there’s a business subject).
So, after I went there I had a long thought, whether to take Diploma in Graphic Designe or Masscomm MC111. Because both are more less the same to me. But I do have problems in public speaking since I’m very shy, but I have developed a lot through the competition. I thought to myself why not, if I improve more and learn new things instead by pursuing my studies in MC111 UiTM? And I did. I applied for MC111 UiTM for my first choice and Graphic Design for second. When the day came I got my first choice which is MC111!!!
As for my experience when I was interviewed, I’ll write about it in my next post. For more information about MC111 UiTM visit the MASSCOMMELAKA UiTM website or my blog post MC111 UiTM : Overview .

Wanna know how my Masscomm UiTM interview went? Read up on MC111 UiTM : Interview for UiTM Masscomm MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship.


7 thoughts on “MC111 UiTM : Ending up in Masscomm UiTM MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship

  1. Assalamualaikum. Hi dear.. Congratulations on your achievements.
    Alhamdulillah my daughter insya Allah will soon be a junior of yours hopefully. Would like to ask you about a laptop..
    1. Is it a must for this mc111 student to have 1?
    2. The best brand we should buy
    3. System
    4. Memory
    Hope to hear from you soon.. best of luck in your studies.. thank you


    1. Waalaikummussalam. Thank you. I see but sadly I won’t be able to meet her because I just finished earlier this year.

      1. Yes because almost all assignments will be done on either laptop or PC. It is not best to depend on borrowing the PC in the faculty as it’s mainly for classes and not accessible at all times. Basically MC111 students will be with their laptop 24/7.

      2. There is no specific brand. It depends on your budget.

      3. It’s recommended to buy one with a core processor of AT LEAST i5 (the best would be i7) and 8GB RAM.

      4. The least would be 500GB but 1TB would be best. Because there are a large number of softwares that needs to be downloaded and used. If the memory is small, the laptop could lag frequently and this could cause current work to be lost or unsaved. It relates to the Intel Core Processor too. I’ve talked about some of these in my previous post. (


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