MC111 UiTM : Interview for UiTM Masscomm MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship

So, before this I’ve posted about how I ended up choosing MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship (MC111 Diploma Komunikasi Media Baharu dan Keusahawanan Kandungan UiTM). As promised, now I’m going share to you guys about how I went through the Masscomm UiTM interview. The interview was in UiTM Shah Alam since I live in Shah Alam. The number of people there was just a huge. From what I heard from others, the acceptance is like 3/10 from the total number of people who applied. Yup, a lot of rivalry but that’s mainly for the normal Masscomm (MC110). For MC111 Masscomm MC111 I’m not entirely sure because during that time, it is considered quite new and not many knew about it (I’m the 4th batch). So okay, I came early wearing baju kurung  and closed black shoes with all the things that I have prepared and it’s a lot. I had to carry like 3 bags.

Here’s a list of what I prepared:

  1. Signed and approved documents of photostated certificates, IC (mine, my parents’), birth certificate (mine, my parents’) and also certificates (all including achievements and SPM etc) [this is really IMPORTANT!!! Because the interviewers could cut you off from the list if you don’t have this as it is already stated in the guideline that UiTM have given upon the request to go for the interview]
  2. I made a resume of my highest achievements during school years. (Why? So that interviewers could easily view them as they don’t have time to look through all of your certificates]
  3. Original copies of the certificates, IC, birth Certificate
  4. All proofs of my work (e.g: the article that made me won a competition, the portfolio that I made during the F1 competition, etc)

So yeah, I prepared a lot. As they all say, “First impression is really important.”

The things I brought for the interview, Masscomm MC111 UiTM interview

It's thick. I know. (The photostated documents are more than 50 pages), Masscomm MC111 UiTM interview

When I got there, I saw this whiteboard near the entrance which has a list of alphabets on it and the number of the row that you should line up in. So you guys better check which row you guys are in because when you’re lining up to take a number, you have to line up according to the alphabet referring to your name. Don’t line up in the wrong line! Or you’ll just be wasting time. Since my name starts with ‘W’ so my line is really short and I got in fast. For those who has the name that starts with an N or M  you would have to wait longer for your turn in the interview, maybe up till sunset because there’s just too many people. It’s better to come and line up early. As I was saying, I got in early and after I took my number and forms they asked me to go upstairs to take the written test first. For the written test that asked what is Masscomm and what you can contribute to Masscomm if I’m not mistaken and the paper that you have used to answer the questions will be read by the interviewer during the interview later on. Then, I went to the waiting room. The waiting room and the interview room are just side by side so if you’re wondering when is your turn, wait for your number to be called out.

Okay when my number was called, it was nerve wrecking! This is because before my turn some were asked questions such as what is the name of president a certain country, the name of the prime minister of other countries and such but it’s considered basic knowledge.

During my turn I set up the things that I have prepared in front of the judges and sat. There’s a gap between the interviewers’ table and where I sat so I had to talk with a loud and clear voice. So they started asking the questions. (There were 2 interviewers)

The interview is 100% ENGLISH (don’t worry if you aren’t fluent, they want to see your confidence in speaking)
Here are the list of questions that I remembered them asking:

1.  What’s your full name?

2. Tell us a bit about yourself

3. Which course did you apply? (MC110 or MC111)

4.Do you know what this course is about?

5. What do you know about Masscomm?

6. Interviewer: Why didn’t you apply for TESL? Your results are good to go there. (As I applied for TESL in my list for UPU). Me: because I’m better at writing than speaking.


Interviewer: What’s your highest achievement?

Me: I won 2nd place in the F1 in Schools for Nationals and also Best Team Sponsorship and Marketing Award. My team also collaborated with the lecturers from the Faculty of Engineering, UiTM. We were supposed to represent the country to Abu Dhabi but didn’t because of SPM. My role in the team was as the Graphic Designer so I designed the portfolio, team logo, the design on the car, merchandise and booth.  (During the interview I had to sell off myself because I have to give them good reasons for them to accept me)


Interviewer: Did you design this on your own? (Referring to my F1 in Schools portfolio that I designed- I gave it for them to see).

Me: Yes.

Interviewer: What software did you use?

Me: Adobe Illustrator (it seemed like they didn’t believe that I designed it that’s why they asked)


Interviewer: Did you enter any public speaking competition or debate?

Me: No, but there was a 10 minute presentation with the judges during the F1 in Schools competition and there was also a booth presentation and some of the judges was from UiTM’s Engineering faculty.


Interviewer: Are you active in any sports?

Me: Yes. Running and marching.

11. Okay now we’re going to ask you some basic knowledge questions. What is the name of the president/prime minister in this country…etc (I can’t remember what was it).

12. What is the name of the minister of education?

  1. What is the name of the deputy Prime Minister?
  2. What is the name of the Penolong Rector of UiTM?

Actually the interview was much longer but I can’t recall. But my interview took much longer than others as they were interested in the competition that I entered and it was in the morning. Usually they would ask about the current issue, but I didn’t get any of those questions as my interview already took long enough. Before i went out, one of the interviewers asked: Did your parents tell you to take this course?

Me: No they didn’t. I chose it myself.

Interviewer: Diorang tak kisah ya?

Me: Haah

Interviewer: Oooh. Okay. Good Luck.

Me: Thank you.

I felt so relieved after that. So to those who are applying for Masscomm, especially Masscomm MC111 come early or otherwise you would have to be interviewed along with another person or maybe 3 at once. This is because they want to put the interview on fast forward. This means there’s less time for you to impress them. Sometimes, some are asked to sing or dance when the interviewers are bored. Especially when it’s during the evening session.

Check out my friend’s (Munirah) video on MC111/mascomm interview by clicking here!

I hope this helps you with the interview! I’ll post more about MC111 in my next post! (About MC111 UiTM)

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2 thoughts on “MC111 UiTM : Interview for UiTM Masscomm MC111 Diploma in New Media Communication and Contentpreneurship

  1. Salam taaruf,
    I’m choosing MC111 as well using my SPM2016 results. I really really like the overview of their course so far! And the way you told your story is marvelous!

    Is there a way for me to be in touch with you so that I could excel in this upcoming interview in Shah Alam, just like you?

    From a very nervous boy,


    1. Wasalam.
      Yeah sure you could use your previous SPM result. As long as you have your SPM certificate. Sure thing you can contact me through my social media. Just hit up my dm and I’ll give you my number.


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